My Reality Mirrors the News

A letter I sent to my hosting customers: An interesting software event in one of three of our email servers reflected events in the news. Last night one of the spam filter servers has a kernel crash that shut down the system. The two backup server automatically handled the load and processed all the email […]

Computer Viruses Can be Stopped

Article I sent to my Newspaper List Computer Viruses can be stopped and it isn’t be very hard to do it. Most all computer viruses are spread as executable email attachments that the victim is tricked into opening and running. Often users of Microsoft Outlook don’t even have to run the attachment if they have […]

My first Blog Entry

I started this blog after I started hosting Larry Lessig’s Web Site. Larry has a blog and it finally occurred to me that I need to blog myself. I’ve been rather slow about writing new content. Most of the new stuff I’m working on is on my Church of Reality web site. I’m hoping that […]