Bristol –Meyers Squib no emergency patient support services

I didn’t know how much you are into bashing big pharma about their drug prices, but this is a different opportunity, it’s about their no support for people dying of know side effects of these drugs and how many people could be saved with an emergency hotline, that they are too cheap to provide that. […]

Has America become the Bad Guys?

Letter to the Editor When I was a child I used to have nightmares about government thugs arresting my parents and dragging us kids off somewhere else. It was a time when Nazis and WWII wasn’t very long in the past and we all learned about the concentration camps. And although not much about being […]

Israel has no more right to exist than any other nation

Letter to the Editor The violence over Jerusalem is a fight over one religion’s invisible friend vs. another religion’s invisible friend both claiming that their deities gave them land. The truth is that there is no such thing as god(s) and Jerusalem is just another piece of dirt just like any other location on this […]

Deficits don’t matter when cutting taxes for rich

Letter to the Editor Now that Republicans are in power it’s back to borrow and spend. We get tax cuts for the rich and deficit spending skyrockets. No one talks about fiscal responsibility, balancing the budget, or the national debt anymore. But debt has historically been the basis for slavery and some day the bill […]

Trump – President for Life?

Letter to the Editor At a political event in Florida Trump praised China’s president XI Jimping saying “He’s now president for life. President for life. And he’s great, And look, he was able to do that. I think it’s great. Maybe we’ll give that a shot some day.” I’d like to see Trump be president […]

Boycott School

Letter to the Editor We are never going to get meaningful gun control until we do something drastic. I think students should boycott school until meaningful gun control laws are passed. Schools are not safe and all we get is ridiculous ideas like arming teachers and armed veterans in schools. If students shut down the […]

America doesn’t care about gun violence

Letter to the Editor I wish that they would stop reporting school shooting as if people care about children being slaughtered at school. We don’t. And it’s an insult to pretend we do. When we allow a 17 year old to buy a rifle then we don’t care more about gun manufacturer’s profits that we […]

Congress shouldn’t be paid during a shutdown

Letter to the Editor I’d like to see a change made so that Congress wouldn’t be paid during a government shutdown. Here in California we have that law and if they don’t pass the budget on time they don’t get paid. Congress has a duty to do their job and if they don’t do it […]

Republicans in collusion with Russians

Letter to the Editor Donald Trump would not be president if not for the help he received from the Communists, America’s enemies. Now the Republican party is colluding with the Russians to shut down the investigation into how Russia installed a moron as president. Republicans hate Trump but are going to cover for him because […]

Jerusalem is just another piece of dirt

Letter to the Editor The Jerusalem controversy is just another example of how religion ruins everything. Trump, sucking up to his religious base, wants to move America‚Äôs embassy to Jerusalem to side with Jews and Christians against Muslims as to who God gave this land to. In the Reality based world however, there is no […]

Please stop praying for mass shooting victims

Letter to the Editor Every time there’s a mass shooting they always say that this is not the time to talk about gun control, and that we should pray for the people who were killed and wounded. No! No! No! Stop the praying! It’s not working! Praying is like giving a sick person placebo. It’s […]

Republicans no longer care about the deficit

Letter to the Editor Back when Obama was president Republicans complained about the deficit. The question was always, “How are we going to pay for it?” But now we have a Republican president who wants a huge tax cut for the rich that will raise the deficit trillions of dollars and no one is talking […]

Hillary’s loss not Comey’s Fault

Letter to the Editor Hillary Clinton is blaming FBI director James Comey for her loss to Trump. While I agree that Comey could have chosen not to reveal a new investigation just before an election, and that the revelation was one of many decisive events, her loss was not Comey’s fault. Hillary’s classified emails were […]

Ted Cruz – You ROCK!

Letter to the Editor It’s amazing how people misjudge Republicans based on stereotypes and that Republicans are somehow all uncool. Senator @TedCruz proved them wrong this week when he clicked on the “Like” button for a porno movie on Twitter. Who knew that @TedCruz was kool! People think it’s the Dems who are porn friendly, […]

Congress should vote against Texas aid

Letter to the Editor With Hurricane Harvey bearing down in Houston, Texas Senator Ted Cruz wants Congress to pass an aid bill to support the people of Texas. But when Hurricane Sandy destroyed the northeast the senators from Texas voted NO on aid for them. The way I see it, it is wrong that Texas […]

Did brain tumor cause McCain to vote NO on Trumpcare

Letter to the Editor Senator Ron Johnson said that he thinks McCain’s brain tumor might have “factored in” as to why McCain might have voted NO on the “skinny Obamacare repeal”, and oddly enough – I agree with him. McCain has a very serious brain cancer and this vote might have been McCain’s last significant […]

Congress passes Russia Sanctions

Letter to the Editor After 6 months where the Republicans have had control of the House, Senate, and Presidency, the finally passed their first major piece of legislation. They passed a bill to sanction Russia for helping get Trump elected. It will be interesting to see if Trump signs it. What a bizarre world we […]

McCain should get the health care he votes for

Letter to the Editor As a member of the Senate John McCain gets special treatment when it comes to health care. I wonder how McCain would vote, now that he has brain cancer, if he had no special treatment and had to get the health care package that he votes for. You would think someone […]

McCain recovering in hospital with health care vote looming

Letter to the Editor The US Senate has delayed a vote on passing Trumpcare because Senator John McCain is in the hospital. They need to wait for McCain to recover so that he can vote to take away health care protections for the rest of us. How pathetic is that? McCain’s procedure is something that […]

Did I just find the Cure for Cancer?

Dear Friends and Family, As you all know from my previous announcements that I have been working on designing a custom immunotherapy treatment that has never been tried before, and the hard part as usual, getting the doctors to do it. Well – I finally got the treatment and – it appears as if it […]

America – A celebration of Stupidity and Corruption

Letter to the Editor As we untangle the mess that’s called the 2016 election we see that both parties are a celebration of stupidity and corruption. While we investigate Russian “meddling” in our election we are ignoring that we know from Wikileaks that Hillary cheated in her election with Bernie Sanders and that the core […]

Democrats should offer Paul Ryan the Presidency

Letter to the Editor As we all know, if we impeach President Trump then Vice President Mike Pence becomes president, and a lot of people (including me) think that he is even worse than Trump. But – Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is third in line for the presidency. And Ryan is the lesser […]

Russian Hackers breached voting systems in 39 states

Letter to the Editor Apparently in the 2016 election Bloomberg News reports that “Russian hackers managed to breach voter databases and software systems in 39 states”. 39 STATES!!! None of these reports talk about what the Russians did when they broke in other than to use the words “efforts to meddle or tamper” with our […]

Republicans – watch your backs

Letter to the Editor If Trump and the Republicans manage to repeal Obamacare and ruin health coverage by remove caps and preexisting conditions, a lot of people are going to end up dead. And the friends and families of those dead people are going to come looking for the members of Congress who caused their […]

Trump – put your science money where your mouth is

Letter to the Editor On Earth Day, in response to the March for Science, Trump said, “My administration is committed to advancing scientific research that leads to a better understanding of our environment and of environmental risks, As we do so, we should remember that rigorous science depends not on ideology, but on a spirit […]

Science and Faith are not compatible

Letter to the Editor This Saturday is the March for Science and there is a good reason to put science first. Science is the study of Reality the way it really is. Faith is a decision to believe whatever you want regardless of if it’s real. Although it is true that people of faith also […]

Democrats right to oppose Goresuch

Letter to the Editor Democrats are right to filibuster Goresuch for the Supreme Court because Merrick Garland, appointed by President Obama is the next nominee. Goresuch is only up if Garland is voted down. If Garland doesn’t get a vote, neither should Goresuch. There is also a bigger issue. Goresuch is being appointed by Trump […]

Dems lost because they opposed sex with miners

Letter to the Editor The Democratic party has been losing ground in rural white America because of the their opposition to having sex with miners. “Just because I work in a coal mine doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be allowed to have sex!”, a coal miner might have said if he were asked. “These liberals want […]

Do Republicans like dirty air and polluted water?

Letter to the Editor I’m trying to understand of there’s some physiological difference between Republicans and Democrats where Republicans like breathing dirty air and and drinking polluted water. Trump is now trying to undo everything Obama do to protect the environment as if clean air and clean water are a bad thing. It just seems […]

Trump threatens House to pass Trumpcare

Letter to the Editor Trump is so obsessed with repealing Obamacare that he’s threatening members of the House that they will lose their seats. Trump is destroying America and when people no longer can afford health care they are not going to be happy. Makes me wonder what will happen when America loses health coverage […]