Donna Brazile confesses to cheating for Hillary

Letter to the Editor DNC chief Donna Brazile’s confession that she fed Hillary debate information is troubling on so many levels. First she lied about it saying “As a Christian woman I understand persecution, but I will not sit here and be persecuted,” Ms. Brazile told Fox News. “Your information is false.” It’s not just […]

Trump to cancel insurance coverage for fetuses

Letter to the Editor Under the newly proposed Trumpcare the Republicans are dropping the mandate that health insurers cover pregnancy. This leaves millions of fetuses without medical insurance. Republicans have argued that life begins at conception and therefore fetuses are people. So under Republican rules fetuses should be counted as people who will lose insurance […]

Who is spying on whom?

Letter to the Editor Trump has accused Obama of spying on him. Although the accusation is personal, technically when Obama was president he was spying on everyone. So there is a little bit of truth there if you really stretch it. But now – using the same reasoning – Trump is president and Obama is […]

Lowering the bar for Trump

Letter to the Editor When Trump was running for president he said a lot of really stupid things, and the news media let him get away with it because Trump is a clown, and no one seriously thought he was going to become president. But not he has. What I see is the news media […]

Obama actually did wiretap Trump

Letter to the Editor There is some truth to Trump’s story that Obama wiretapped him in that Obama wiretapped everyone, as Edward Snowden revealed. He also wiretapped Hillary, and you and me. He wiretapped our friends and he wiretapped our enemies. So even though Trump is making this story up, it happens to also be […]

Time for a special prosecutor to investigate Russian connections

Letter to the Editor There seems to be at going on between the Trump administration and the Russians. Today it was revealed the Attorney General Sessions lied to Congress under oath claiming he had no contact with the Russians during the campaign when he had. Back in 1998 the Republicans tried to impeach President Clinton […]

Trumps Speech

Letter to the Editor For the first time Trump was able to look presidential and sound presidential. But looks and talk is cheap. So far Trump hasn’t acted presidential. His speech was inspirational just as those of presidents before him who promised things and never delivered. One thing he did get specific on was stopping […]

Trump Deserves Fake News

Letter to the Editor There’s a lot of “news” out there and some of it is fake, but Trump deserves fake news. During the Obama Administration Trump was the source of fake news stating Obama was born in Kenya. We have yet to see Trump’s birth certificate showing he wasn’t born in the Soviet Union […]

Reality vs. Belief

Letter to the Editor There are people, like President Trump, who seem to not believe in an absolute Reality that we all live in. Instead he is the type who thinks that if he says something and people believe it that makes it true. For example, Trump claims he got the biggest electoral college win […]

America is out of control

Letter to the Editor Right now America is in the worst shape it’s ever been in since the Civil War. We have a president who is clueless and out of control. America is like being in a car driven by a 7 year old brat who has never driven before while the parents are passed […]

Snowden “Gift” story is fake news!

Letter to the Editor Stories in the press say that Putin is going to give Snowden to Trump as a “gift”. It comes from “intelligence sources”, and it’s all fake news. Our intelligence community are not only liars, but they aren’t even good liars. And when you think things through it’s rather obvious. Snowden was […]

Gorsuch is bad choice for Supreme Court

Letter to the Editor Trump’s choice of Neil Gorsuch is a really bad decision and would be a terrible justice for those of us who believe in personal liberty and freedom. In my case I have terminal stage 4 lung cancer and because I live in California I have the ability to choose how and […]

Republicans break it, Republicans Own It

Letter to the Editor For the last 8 years Republicans did everything they could to make sure Obama failed, even when they agreed with what he wanted. Now the Republicans control the government and they are in charge of making America great rather than making America miserable. And in the last 8 year we went […]

How does Nancy Pelosi feel about NSA spying now?

Letter to the Editor When Bush was president then Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was against NSA spying on Americans without a warrant. Then when Edward Snowden revealed that President Obama expanded NSA wiretapping of Americans she was for it, even though she was booed by Democrats at Netroots Nation. Right before Obama left […]

Time for Dems to own their failure

Letter to the Editor It’s one thing to lie, but it’s much worse if you start believing your own lies. That’s the problem of the Democratic Party these days. Trump didn’t get elected by the Russians and the whole Russian hacking story is 100% fiction. Democrats have to own it that they were so incompetent […]

Obama in denial and acting like a child

Letter to the Editor Democrats have this amazing ability that whenever Republicans do something stupid Democrats prove they can be even dumber. Case in point is Obama’s election denial insisting that Trump was elected by Russian hackers and expelling their diplomats. With the Republicans electing the big man baby Obama will not be outdone and […]

Wikileaks and the Election

Letter to the Editor I listened to Obama’s press conference where he accused the Russians of getting Trump elected by hacking email systems and giving the information to Wikileaks. But one thing no one has said is that the information leaked wasn’t true. So the real issue is whether or not the public should have […]

I guess no one told Trump that President is full time job?

Letter to the Editor I read with both amusement and horror that The Donald is going to continue to run his businesses and TV shows like “Celebrity Apprentice” while he is president. And Trump is disinterested in to get his daily national security briefings. I guess no one told Donald Trump that being President of […]

Little Donald cries about election recount

Letter to the Editor I think it’s amazing that our man baby president elect is complaining about a recount in an election where he lost the popular vote by 2 million. After all, he’s the one who was saying that the election was rigged, and I believe him. But it was rigged in his favor. […]

Democrats should help Trump be Successful

Letter to the Editor Like many people I voted for Hillary just to wake up in an alternate universe where Trump is president. Now what do we do? Since we are stuck with Trump and he has no experience we are by definition in trouble. But putting aside the shear shock of what’s happened we […]

Think before you Vote!

Letter to the Editor Tuesday is election day and it’s very important to vote because when you wake up in the morning on Nov. 9th do you want to be freaked out that either Trump or Clinton will become president and you didn’t vote? Especially in this election – who do you want to be […]

Does experience matter for a President?

Letter to the Editor There’s a question about this election that no one seems to be asking. Can someone like Trump who has never held public office become the most powerful person on the planet and not crash civilization? Is being president something that just anyone off the street can do? If you were getting […]

Dying Atheist vs. Pascal’s Wager – Reality or Jesus?

I’m Marc Perkel, founder of the Church of Reality – a religion based on believing what is actually objectively real. On August 1 2016 I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Adneocarsonoma of the lung. this is a fatal diagnosis and if you just Google that the answer is – I have 8 months to live […]

Donating money to Billionaires – are you kidding me?

Letter to the Editor I suppose the reason Trump is a billionaire is that he has ordinary people sending him money for his campaign. Trump claims he’s worth 10 billion dollars so he has plenty of money to fund it himself without asking poor people to donate. Trump has loaned – not donated – several […]

Clinton or Trump on the economy?

Letter to the Editor Who is more likely to fix the economy if elected president, Trump or Clinton? Last time the Clintons were in the White House we had a government surplus and we were paying down the national debt. Trump has never held public office and he’s been bankrupt 6 times.  6 times! Unbelievable! […]

I won’t accept election results if Trump wins

Letter to the Editor Trump says he won’t accept the election results unless he wins the election. Well, 2 can play that game. I won’t accept the election results if Trump wins. And if Trump wins, there’s plenty of room to support the claim that the election was rigged in Trump’s favor. It is well […]

Trump claims rigged election?

Letter to the Editor I find it amazing the Trump thinks the election is rigged against him. It’s laughable to hear any Republican claiming the election is rigged. I’m old enough to remember 2000 when the Supreme Court threw out the vote of the people and elected Bush 5 to 4. Trump is already making […]

Trump says, we should take a drug test

Letter to the Editor Donald Trump says, “We should take a drug test prior to the debate” saying that he thinks Hillary was on drugs. That’s kind of an interesting idea because a drug test would be something the voters would be interested in. There is a lot of speculation that Trump’s sniffles during the […]

Cruz sticking with Trump – why?

Letter to the Editor I’m somewhat surprised that Ted Cruz is sticking with Trump after all the horrible stuff that Trump did to Ted Cruz personally. Trump accused Ted Cruz father of being a conspirator in the assassination of President Kennedy and attacked his wife as being too ugly to be first lady.  Ted Cruz […]

Trump isn’t insane. We are!

Letter to the Editor People criticize Donald Trump for calling women “Ms. Piggy” and that they might be bleeding out of their whatever. They think Trumps a clown for believing Obama faked his own birth certificate or that Ted Cruz’s farther was a conspirator in the Kennedy Assassination. We think he’s nuts that he thinks […]