Where Obama, Reed, Pelosi, and the democrats went wrong

I have been biting my tongue hard and in forced denial for the last two years but the time for that is over. We can no longer continue to be in denial if we are ever going to turn things around. In the last 2 years we have seen hope and change deteriorate into weak […]

Bush Countdown – 22 more days left

21st century Nero. Bush plays as New Orleans drowns.

It’s OVER! Obama WINS!

The little town of Dixville Notch, first in the nation to vote has gone Republican every election since 1968 until today. They voted 19 to 7 in 2004 in favor of Bush. But today they went Obama in a landslide 15 to 6. I think this is going to be typical and it’s over. Obama […]

My Election Prediction

I’m calling it 413 for Obama – 125 for McCain. I don’t believe the polls. I don’t think their model applies to the election. The primary registered millions of Democrats and they are all voting for Obama. Young people, blacks, and Hispanics are all voting Obama and they are turning out. The early voting is […]

I will publish recorded phone calls made my members of Congress

I, blogger Marc Perkel, founder of the Church of Reality, am extending an open offer to publish recorded phone calls of members of Congress. I’m especially interested in publishing the personal phone calls of members of Congress who voted for giving immunity to telecoms who were illegally spying on Americans. If they can spy on […]

Associated Press Bias against the Clintons

This has got to be the stupidest article I’ve ever read. The writer is Calvin Woodward, Associated Press Writer. I mean – there are of course Clinton haters. But the facts of this article are so wrong and so biased that it’s an insult to the intelligence of even a rabid right wing audience. Who […]

The Power Hungry Bitch vs. the Smooth Talking Nigger

For those of you who are offended by the word nigger, my question is why aren’t you offended by the word bitch. Calling Hillary a “power hungry bitch” is extremely sexist but somehow acceptable. However calling Obama a “smooth talking nigger” is extremely racist and not acceptable. Apparently sexist is ok but racist isn’t. Which […]

Hillary did NOT vote for the war in Iraq

This is probably beyond the mental bandwidth of most people and certainly the the mental capacity of the news media, but it’s time someone explained the Iraq vote for those who want to actually understand it. The resolution to empower Bush to start a war with Iraq came at a time when Saddam refused to […]

Why a coin flip is the right way to resolve Clinton/Obama race

The Democrats have painted themselves into a corner again and the only way to really resolve the Clinton/Obama race is to flip a coin. The race is a tie. The voters want both of them. The solution, flip a coin. Winner gets to run for president. Loser is VP. Why the race is tied A […]

Let’s stop the illegal wiretapping – Challenge to candidates

Dear Church of Reality Members, Let’s stop the illegal wiretapping – Challenge to candidates The Bush administration has again authorized illegal wiretapping of our phones. He has the cooperation of the phone companies who Congress he wants Congress to give immunity to. The vote essentially authorizes the President to break the law. Nixon must be […]

John Kerry and Sex Scandals

One thing that always surprised me was that the Republicans in the 2004 election never found out about Kerry’s sex scandals. And it’s not because there weren’t any. And I’m sure they would have used them if they knew. But I supposed that there’s a lot of stuff that just gets missed.

Hillary stands up to Democratic Insiders

Letter to the Editor One requirement of being a good president is to be a leader rather than a follower. Hilary Clinton is such a leader. Barak Obama, John Edwards, Bill Richardson, and Joe Biden caved into internal party pressure and took their names of the ballot in the Michigan primary. The Democratic party insiders […]

Larry Craig – Welfare for Comedians?

Letter to the Editor Republican Senator Larry Craig, who had pleaded guilty to charges related to an apparent attempt to pick up an under cover officer for gay bathroom sex, decided today not to resign from the Senate. His bid to withdraw his guilty plea was denied. And all this after the Republicans were bragging […]

Children’s Health Care and Family Values

Letter to the Editor It’s going to be interesting to see how Republicans that they are the “Family Values” party when they deny sick children health care. It’s almost like they are deliberately trying to lose the election. Seems like the Republicans are going to have some “spainin” to do.

George Carlin – Who owns you Americans?

There may never be a 2008 election

People assume that there is going to be a 2008 election where Republicans will lose big time and Hillary will become president. But that may not be what happens. There may not be a 2008 election at all. Bush has been issuing directives to set up martial law and a presidential dictatorship in the case […]

Time to Impeach Harry Reed and Nancy Pelosi

Letter to the Editor This is not a time when Democrats can afford to have weak and stupid leaders who aren’t as powerful in the majority as the Republicans are in the minority. The only thing that the Senate managed to pass was a resolution condemning MoveOn.org for telling the truth. That is pathetic beyond […]

Military Uniforms are not a shield to criticism

 Letter to the Editor  If a general lies to Congress the fact that he’s wearing a uniform is no shield to criticism. Lying to Congress is a betrayal of the public trust and a dishonor to to the military. Criticism is free speech. So I’m going to make a donation to MoveOn because I support […]

What is a Republican Troop Cut?

Letter to the Editor The Republican’s definition of a troop cut in Iraq is to increase the number of troops and promise to lower the troop levels to the point where they started, and then not keep the promise. Republicans define success as the promise to get down to the same level a year from […]

Bush says troops are gonna come home …. this time fer sure!

Letter to the Editor George Bush says that we’re doing great in Iraq, we’re “kicking ass” and we’re winning the war. The troops are going to start coming home in July next year. The problem is that if you believe Bush he’s only going to get us back down to where the surge was before […]

Republicans not interested in Bin Laden?

Letter to the Editor Six years after 9/11 Republicans seem disinterested in the person who actually caused the attack on America. Presidential candidate Fred Thompson declared Osama bin Laden to be “more symbolism than anything else”. At the same time Republicans are obsessed with Iraq which had nothing to do with 9/11. Six years later […]

Larry Craig vs. David Vitter – There is a difference

Even though Liberals / Democrats / Homosexuals want to put a homophobic spin on the issue that Craig was kicked out and Vitter wasn’t, I’m not sure I can agree entirely. Yes – Republicans hate gays. So a gay trist is different than a straight trist in the Republican party. So because Republicans hate gays […]

Problems with the Larry Craig Story

There are a number of problems with Senator Larry Craig’s story even if you believe what he admitted to in the police interview and other Larry Craig statements. Craig admitted to touching the foot of the cop in the next stall with his foot. I’m my years of going to the men’s room I’ve never […]

Democrats need Punishment

Dear fellow political radicals, I don’t know if you all all as livid as I am about last week’s vote to suspend the Constitution and allow the government to spy on us without a warrant as I am. If you are, I have a proposal. I call it operation political starvation and it’s a commitment […]

We can only afford Bridges to Nowhere

Senator Ted Stevens had no trouble getting 250 million approved to build a bridge to nowhere in Alaska. What do you want to bet that getting 250 million to replace the bridge that collapsed in Minnesota will be far more difficult.

Mexicans are America’s new Niggers

Before black people gained the same legal status as whites they were treated as second class scum. They lived among us and although they weren’t officially slaves they did all the dirty work of society and were taken advantage of because of their unequal social status that was related to the color of their skin. […]

Haggard Foley Joke

So one day Mike Foley and Ted Haggard are on horseback inspecting the fence between the US and Mexico when Foley sees a sheep with his head stuck in the fence. Foley gets off his horse and has sex with the sheep. After he gets done he says to Haggard, “You want some of this?” […]

Rush Limbaugh says, “I’m full of Crap!”

Tell us something we don’t already know! Rush admitted today that he was full of crap, seriously! The way I feel is this: I feel liberated, and I’m going to tell you as plainly as I can why. I no longer am going to have to carry the water for people who I don’t think […]

Well, I voted – I think

At least I have the illusion of voting. Lat election we had optical scan pater ballots where you connected lines on a paper ballot and fed them into a machine that scanned the ballot and stored it securely. I’m in San Mateo county in California. Poll location is: Bethany Presbyterian Church Church Hall 2400 Rosewood […]

Red Cross Wants Cluster Bomb Ban

One of the reason we need to oust the Republicans is to get a ban on cluster bombs like the ones used in Lebanon. If you are tired of your tax dollars going to fund murdering children then vote Democrat. Here’s The Article Red Cross urges cluster-bomb ban Civilian deaths outweigh possible military advantages, body […]