Ninth Circuit Screws Church of Reality in Pot Decision

On January 28th 2010 the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals basically screwed the Church of Reality issuing a memorandum decision. As the founder of the Church of Reality I’m fairly pissed off about it. What the courts often do is to clear out the case load by letting law clerks decide cases using memoradum decisions […]

Church of Reality vs. DEA over religious use of Marijuana

The Church of Reality …. vs. the Drug Enforcement Agency … Over the religious use of Marijuana. The Church of Reality just received a scheduling order from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals challenging the final decision of the DEA denying the Church of Reality, a religion based on believing in everything that is real, […]

I will publish recorded phone calls made my members of Congress

I, blogger Marc Perkel, founder of the Church of Reality, am extending an open offer to publish recorded phone calls of members of Congress. I’m especially interested in publishing the personal phone calls of members of Congress who voted for giving immunity to telecoms who were illegally spying on Americans. If they can spy on […]

Let’s stop the illegal wiretapping – Challenge to candidates

Dear Church of Reality Members, Let’s stop the illegal wiretapping – Challenge to candidates The Bush administration has again authorized illegal wiretapping of our phones. He has the cooperation of the phone companies who Congress he wants Congress to give immunity to. The vote essentially authorizes the President to break the law. Nixon must be […]

Monorealism vs. Polyrealism

People often ask me what it is that’s different about the Church of Reality. The answer is, we are dedicated to real reality, the one true reality. What reality is the one true reality? It’s the real reality, the reality that really is real. It is the some total of everything that actually exists. No […]

Monotheism vs. Monorealism

Working on some new terminology. Monorealism is the belief in one reality. That all things that are real are part of reality and that anything that isn’t part of reality is not real. In contrast monotheists and polytheists tend to believe in “other realities” which are “outside” of the world of science and are experienced […]

Tony Perkins and Bush Ploy to stack the Supreme Court

Tony Perkins, head of the Family Research Council has been plotting with Bush as to how to rig the Supreme Court and bypass the Democratic Controlled Senate? How is he going to do it? That’s a mystery. By if you listen to this audio clip you’ll hear Tony Perkins talking about that he is in […]

God by definition can not be proven by science

Follow this logic: God is by definition supernatural. To be supernatural you must be outside of the natural world. Supernatural and Natural are mutually exclusive. Anything that can be scientifically proven is part of the natural world. Therefore anything supernatural can not be scientifically proven. Therefore God can not be scientifically proven. Therefore any scientific […]

Atheist Church Challenges Theists on Morality of Torture

The Church of Reality today has issued an edict challenging other religions to speak out against the Bush administration plan to legalize torture in the United States. The Church of Reality is a church based on believing in everything that is real and does not recognize the existence of any deities. In this edict the […]

The Jewish State Experiment is a Failure

What to do about the future of Israel is anyone’s guess but the establishment of the Jewish state was a mistake. However, I’m not advocating the overthrow of Israel because the Islamic states around it are even worse, but barely worse. The problem is that in any nation when you create a system where members […]

Why is Mel Gibson a big deal?

Mel Gibson was drunk and he said some things – so what? People says stupid things when they are drunk. No sane person should take the words of a drunk seriously. So what if he said that the “The fucking Jews were responsible for all the wars in the world.” I’m more offended with his […]

Church of Reality Denounces Israeli Attack on lebanon

PRESS RELEASE: Contact: Marc Perkel – Date: 07-19-2006 Title: Church of Reality denounces Israeli Invasion of Lebanon Marc Perkel – founder of the Church of Reality has today issued and edict condemning the Israeli invasion. “Israel has gone insane.” say Marc Perkel who was raised Jewish and now stand is shock at what he […]

Israel Squandering Good Will

Letter to the Editor In 1947 the world community gave Israel to the Jewish community in sympathy for the holocaust. For the last 60 years Israel has been considered a good member of the civilized world for the most part who only went to war when it had to and after it had been attacked. […]

My God vs. Your God – Atheist Challenges Believers to Put Up or Shut Up

Letter to the Editor Now that Israel and Lebanon are in yet another religious war it makes me wonder how do we resolve the “my God is stronger than your God” wars. All I see is Jews, Muslims, and Christians all fighting over who God gave property to. Maybe it’s time to put it to […]

Lioness in zoo kills man who invoked God

KIEV (Reuters) – A man shouting that God would keep him safe was mauled to death by a lioness in Kiev zoo after he crept into the animal’s enclosure, a zoo official said on Monday. “The man shouted ‘God will save me, if he exists’, lowered himself by a rope into the enclosure, took his […]

The Gospel of Reality

Sometimes it’s easy to get discouraged in the face of illusion but there’s one thing to always remember. Reality is here to stay. Reality isn’t going away. Reality always was and always will be. Reality was there at the beginning of time and will be there till the end of time. And no matter how […]

Zogby Reinstates Realist as a Religious Choice

I just filled out one of the Zogby online surveys and they have Atheist/Realist/Humanist back in the list of choices. I just wanted you all to know that and give John Zogby some good energy for including us in his survey again. As you know there’s a lot of pressure out the by evangelicals to […]

Kissing Hanks Ass – Religion Parady Video

You’ll love This Video. Kissing Hanks Ass.

Zogby excludes Realists from Survey

Dear Church of Reality Members, A few months ago I asked you to email Zogby polling to ask them to add Atheist/Realist/Humanist as a chouce of religion in their polls. They did for about two surveys. But I just got the latest survey and the Atheist/Realist/Humanist choice have been removed. So at 77% completed I […]

Church of Reality requests IRS Exemption for Privacy

Dear news organization, I – marc Perkel – Founder of the Church of Reality send the following email to the membership of the church asking them to write the IRS to ask for a religious exemption to not allow our tax returns to be sold to marketers. The Church cited the Religious Freedom Restoration Act […]

Church of Reality is a Religion of Courage

Dear Church of Reality Members, I have been giving a lot of thought to issues regarding when to speak out against something and when to be silent and I believe that the Church of Reality is a religion that must speak out even if there are risks involved in speaking out. It’s interesting that when […]

Church of Reality Challenges other Religions on War

PRESS RELEASE: Contact: Marc Perkel – Release Date: 03-10-2006 Church of Reality Challenges other Religions on Morality The Church of Reality today issues a challenge to other religions on the issue of ethics and morality. We live in a world where the hatred among religions grows daily between Christianity and Islam and the time […]

Church of Reality demands religious exception to South Dakota Abortion Ban Law

PRESS RELEASE: TITLE: Church of Reality demands religious exception to South Dakota Abortion Ban Law DATE: 03-03-2006 CONTACT: Marc Perkel – Does the Religious Freedom Restoration Act protect the Church of Reality from South Dakota’s abortion ban? The Church of Reality has today issued an edict declaring that South Dakota’s ban on abortions violates […]

New Church of Reality Interviews Posted

I’ve been working on the web site again and found a few more interview that I had done that I haven’t yet posted. So I finally got around to editing them and uploading them and there are two new interviews that you probably haven’t heard before. In particular the Cup of Joe interview is both […]

Church of Reality Speaks Out against Muslim Violence

Unlike some religions the Church of Reality isn’t afraid of a little humor. We aren’t afraid of someone being critical of what we believe in. We don’t turn violent over mere words or symbols. This cartoon was chosen because it is offensive. I didn’t pick this one because I liked it but because I didn’t […]

Muslim Violence will not stop Free Speech

Letter to the Editor If Muslims think they are going to stop free speech through violence they will soon see that it’s not going to work. As it turns out some of the cartoons are accurate. Islam is a violent religion that is focused on world domination and oppression. The can claim that they are […]

Islam is a dangerous psyco religion

Reaction to Muslinm cartoon by Islam shows that the point of the cartoonsis actually true. Muslims are dangerous crazy people who advocate violence and are quite comfortable to murder and destruction. The expect us to give up our rights to talk about them the way they want. No fucking way. Christians are crazy people too […]

Church of Reality adopts UN Declaration of Human Rights

The Church of Reality has accepted the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights as part of it’s religious doctrine. The declarations are very compatibles with the Sacred Principles and are a natural extention of the Kernel, which is the Church of Reality doctrine. Here’s the link to the Church of Reality version.

Wikipedia deletes Church of Reality Again

The web site Wikipedia has again deleted the Church of Reality from it’s listings. The do the same thing with most Atheist based articles. Only after a monumental affort will they post Atheist related stuff. The did the same thing with the movie, The God who Wasn’t There. In this case according to their discussion […]

Church of Reality writes Conscientious Objector Status Policy

Church of Reality writes Conscientious Objector Status Policy The Church of Reality today announces that it has posted it’s policy on Conscientious Objector Status allowing for the first time for Atheists to opt out of military service based on religious reasons. These policies are being compiled as a preemptive strike against the possibility that the […]