Enjoyed the Bahamas at Adult Friendfinder Gathering

Here’s a pic of me in the Bahamas. On the left is Penthouse Pet McKenzee Miles and on the right Phoenix Marie.McKenzee is a little shy for an adult entertainer but Phoenix is not. She was very friendly and personable and I had a lot of fun getting to know her. Both of them a […]

Life in san Francisco vs. Afghanistan

In San Francisco people get stoned and have sex. In Afghanistan people have sex and get stoned.

Question for those who support same sex marriage

Letter to the Editor I have some questions for those who support same sex marriage – should I be allowed to marry my brother? If not – why not? I would point out that the reason for not marrying my sister is that if we reproduced – then we would likely have birth complications. However […]

Gay Marriage in San Francisco

As many of you know – I oppose Gay marriage. But I’m not strongly opposd to it. As I have written several times – it just plays with the definition of marriage to much and ignores the fact that humans reproduce heterosexually and that families and children are part of that. Of course – there’s […]

I don’t support Gay Marriage

But I do support civil unions – somewhat There are several reasons for this and I’m not going to go into them all here. I do believe in civil unions for gay couples who want to bring the state and lawyers into their relationship (be careful what you ask for as they say – you […]