McCain counting on Joe the Plumber to win

Letter to the Editor John McCain is relying on “Joe the Plumber” as the symbol of his economic message. But Joe the Plumber’s real first name is really Samuel, and Joe the Plumber doesn’t have a plumbers license. So if “Joe the Plumber” isn’t really Joe and isn’t really a plumber then what does that […]

Lipstick on a Pig refers to McCain – not Palin

Letter to the Editor OH OH OH – The Republicans are sooooo offended by Obama’s “Lipstick on a Pig” comment. He’s so mean – he’s so sexist! But as Obama has said many times, McCain just doesn’t get it. Obama was calling John McCain’s message of fake change a pig. Obama isn’t calling Palin the […]

Republicans and Democrats have different messages

Letter to the Editor After watching both the Democratic and Republican conventions I see a different message coming from each camp. The Democrats speak the language of peace. The Republicans speak the language of war. The Democrats talk about unity, that we are one country and one people. The Republicans are divisive. They talk of […]

How to make Open Source software not Suck

The Problem: Ever wonder why Windows and Mac application tend to install and “just work” and Linux applications don’t? Is it because Windows and OS-X is a superior operating system? I think not. When it comes to the raw power of the operating system I don’t think anyone would seriously call Linux inferior. Most experts […]

My MySQL Story – the dark side of Open Source

In order to spread the load and increase capacity I was trying to move the MySQL server to another computer with the main server handling the web and the second server running the MySQL database. Even though I have 8 gigs of ram in the main server every now and then for some reason I […]

Bridge Collapse – Something doesn’t add up

I am confused about the bridge collapse in Minnesota because it just doesn’t make sense to me that the whole thing just fell down instead of just one section. For the whole thing to just fall down like that makes the thing that the whole thing was rotten or rusted out or something. Logically if […]

Disadvantages of some Open Source Software Projects

Asking a question on some open source support forums is sort of like this example where I will substitute asking directions to make a point. Although I support open source software, generally when you get a commercial product you don’t get the kind of attitude that you get in some free software discussion lists. This […]

AT&T might hurt Apple IPhone saes in the long run

Everyone knows that when the IPhone comes out that it will sell faster than they can be supplied. However in the long run being tied to AT&T exclusively is going to hurt Apple because AT&T’s service sucks. A friend of mine from Missouri came to visit me here in the San Francisco area a few […]

Fedora 7 is a flop

Every time Fedora comes out with a new version the usual suspects all write about how wonderful it is. I’m not one of those people. I’m the kind of guy who puts the DVD in and install it on a real computer and see if it works. If it doesn’t, I slam it. So I […]

Am I on Microsoft’s Enemies List?

A blast from the past. It appears that in February of 1992 I was on Microsoft’s enemies list. Apparently Microsoft was trying to keep information about MsDOS and Windows 3.1 out of my hands. Someone emailed me this document from the Comes v. Microsoft trial. Trying to figure out what this means and get more […]

Linuxworld – no Redhat?

Went to Linuxwork in San Francisco and Redhat wasn’t there? What’s up with that?

Making Linuxconf work with Fedora Core 5

If you are like me and loyal Linuxcong user you might have noticed that the web interface (http) stops working on FC5. I figured out the problem. The pam modules with Linuxconf are not compatible with Fedora Core 5. The fix is simple. cd /etc/pam.d rm linuxconf* ln -s login linuxconf ln -s login linuxconf-pair […]

Open Source Software Quality Problems

I love open source software and have contributed to the development of several projects. But open source has a down side in that there are no customers to answer to – and that creates an environment where bugs go unfixed and necessary features go un added. After all, how much can you pressure someone who […]

Firefox Getting Worse and Worse

I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m liking Firefox less and less as it seem to be foing down hill. There’s two bugs in particular that are really making me want to run something else. First, there must me some kind of memory leak issue. I’m running XP and have a gig […]

Adding Freedom to Email Message Headers

I’ve reconfigured my email servers to add a header to all the email I process.: warn message = X-Online-Freedom:, condition = ${if def:h_X-Online-Freedom:} If you’re running Exim – this can work for you too.

Vonage Sucks – Won’t Release my number for Transfer

I used to be a Vonage fan but no more. I’m trying to transfer a phone number away from Vonage. I had intended to keep the service under a different number but now I’m not going to. I got my number originally from SBC and transferred it to Vonage. But I never thought at the […]

I am my own phone company

I am in the process of becoming my own phone company. Using Voice over IP technology like Vonage and Packet 8 but doing it muself. Basically it’s just open source software called Asterisk that I have running on one of my email servers. Not only is it incredibly cheap, but I can do a lot […]

Sony Rootkit another reason to avoid using Windows

I’m a Windows user and it’s a hard habit to break. But Sony’s new rootkit installs is even more reason to move to Linux rather than use proprietary operating systems like Wondows and Macs. Sony decided to out secret software on its music CDs that installed into the kernel of Windows so it can track […]

Supporting the Electronic Frontier Foundation

The Electronic Frontier Foundation ( ) receintly turned 15 years old has been a steadfast friend in keeping the internet free and protecting our online rights. If not for the EFF we wouldn’t be enjoying the liberties and freedoms we have today. Over the last 15 years EFF has done an extraordinary job with […]

Beating Blog Comment Spam

This works for me. Here’s the movable type example: Location /mt/mtcomments.cgi RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^.** RewriteRule ^.* /Location And for WordPress Blogs: Location /blog/wp-comments-newpost.php RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^.** RewriteRule ^.* /Location The way it works is – if the referring link isn’t local – you don’t ge to leave a comment. Am […]

Athlon X2 vs. Dual Xeon – Final Results

So – after starting two other threads on the subject I have now made the conversion to the Athlon X2 server. The bottom line is – it works! Basically running about 300 web sites of all kinds from a few static pages to PHP/MySQL. The system includes email and is running spam assassin. This box […]

ASUS A8N-SLI Motherboard – Not what I expected

I tried posting this on NewEgg’s review forum and it censored me. Apparently it doesn’t let you post honest reviews, so I’m posting it here. I was very disapointed with this product. maybe it’s the state of the technology but I had expectations this board would actually work. BEWARE – As of right now 09/04/2005 […]

Tech Writers should train on Open Source projects

Here’s an idea that I think would work out well. Why don’t we get colleges who are training tech writers together with the open source community and have them work together? The problem as you know is that a lot of open source software is great – but the documentation and user interfaces suck. That’s […]

Testing out new Content Management Program – Mambo

I’ve been testing out a new piece of software called Mambo. it’s a very highly rated content management system allowing you to crate a whole web site from a web based user interface. I’m still learning it and it looks great but like most open source applications ikt’s far harder to learn than it needs […]

Unimpressed with Mozilla Thunderbird

I’ve yet to figure out what all the hype is about Mozilla Thunderbird. I’m an old Netscape user and been using the old swiss army knife Mozilla all in one package for years. Mozilla is deviding it up into separate applications and is phasing out the original Mozilla. And I ask myself – why? Additionally […]

Unix File Permissions Suck

I love Unix. I have several Linux servers and when it comes down to it – there is no other OS to use for Web and Email servers. (BSD, Macs and other Unix OS’s are of course included) But in many was the Unix community is hopelessly stuck in the past. And one of many […]

Free Spam Filtering for Progressive Nonprofit Organizations

I have been working with nonprofit organizations for years. I have what may be the best spam filter on the planet and it costs me very little to run it. I’m not rich – but I can afford to give this service away. Nonprofit orgs waste a lot of time and money every year deleting […]

Been Busy – Church of Reality – Spam Filtering

Trying to get back into blogging. Still working on Church of Reality web pages and deploying a network of spam filtering computers. I registered a new domain: I have what is probably the best spam filter on the planet. And I’m hosting over 100 domains as well as being a front end filter for […]

Redhat Fedora Core 3 – Definitely worth skipping – Review

Fedora Core 3 is not a pretty release for Redhat. The original distribution is very buggy and if you install everything – you are looking at hundreds of megs of new downloads to fix it. Once you get it working and download all the fixes it seems to work fine. If you are already running […]

Virus Alert

Dear Readers, There’s a new virus spreading – I don’t know what it is yet and it hasn’t made the news. But I have observed several making it through the virus filter. The virus is an email attachment that clains to be a password file and has an attached document inside of a ZIP file. […]