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If you notice there’s a new button at the top of this blog. It lets you add this blog to your My Yahoo page just like any other news feeds. I’m just testing it out and it looks pretty kool so far.

I was worried …

… that the Democrats would wimp out at the convention. But they are doing REALLY well – MUCH better than I expected.

Voice over IP Telephone Calls (VoIP)

I got a cool new technology toy. It’s a new way to make telephone calls without having a telephone line. You use the Internet to make phone calls. It’s called Voice over IP (VoIP) and I just got one and I love it. I can now make phone calls over my cable modem and get […]

Web Server for Sale

I just upgraded my web server and selling my old one. This computer was in perfect working order when I took it offline on 02-12-2003. Its 14 months old – homemade by me – and was serving 1.5 million hits a day (Running Linux) when it needed to be upgraded. Like selling an old friend. […]

Spam Free Email Hosting

I’m in the process of developing my Spam Free Email Hosting site. As many of you know – I have a small hosting company called Computer Tyme Hosting. I’ve developed on of the most advanced spam filters on the planet and I’m ready to start making a few bucks off of it.

My new web server is ONLINE!

My new web server is now online. The old server was just barely keeping up as I am now pulling 2 million hits a day. The new box is kick ass! Its a Dual Xeon system with 4 gigs of ram – and a pair of 250 gig Serial ATA Hard Drives – Western Digital […]

Serious Microsoft Security Flaw

Virus Warning for Windows Users – Very Serious Microsoft has yet another very serious security flaw that gives anyone with the right know how total access to your computer. I don’t know all the details – but it might be the biggest one yet. If you remember the SoBig and Code Red viruses last fall […]

Novell should GPL Unix

I think Novell – who claims to have a copyright on Unix – should set Unix free and GPL it’s copyright. Novell is currently perceived as the “good guys” in the battle aghainst SCO’s copyright claims against Linux. They now own SUSE and they appear to have a focus on Linux in their future. But […]

Bush Says – Whoopie! we’re all going to Mars!

Letter to NASA Dear NASA, As a government agency controlled by the Bush Administration I understand that you are obligated to put the Bush Ad up on your web site. However – the reality is – we are not going to Mars. Bush has absolutely no intension of going there. This is nothing more than […]

New Spam Discussion Forum

I’ve started a new spam discussion forum for people who are interesting in spam – or specifically – getting rid of spam. it’s a BBS style forum allowing you to participate in the discussion. To praticipate Click Here.

My First Audio Blog

I’m trying something new. An audio blog. I don’t know how many people are doing this – or – if they are doing it the way I’m doing it. But I can speak a lot faster than I can type – and – it only used a little over 1/2 meg for 4 1/2 minutes […]

My AT&T Complaint to the Attorney General

To the Attorney General of California I have a problem with AT&T wireless cell phones in the San Francisco area. I am an electronic and computer professional and communications specialist and I know what I’m talking about here. I own 2 AT&T cell phones and they both have the same problems. The audio is very […]

AT&T Cell Phone Service in San Fran Sucks

I used to really like AT&T but in the last several months their service has really gone to hell. The audio is very choppy even with good signal strength and the calls drop all the time. Knowing what I know about electronics the type of distortion souns like digital packet loss – in short – […]

Apache 2.0 a lot faster than Apache 1.3

I just upgraded my web server last week to the new Redhat Fedora Linux from Redhat 7.3. It was a very interesting upgrade. I had at first devised a way to do the upgrade without shutting the server down and it almost worked. If not for Python and PHP getting screwed up it would have […]

Advanced Spam Filtering using Spamassassin and Exim

I have the most advanced spam filtering system on the planet. I feel like I’ve actually beaten the spam problem. More details can be found on Computer Tyme Hosting. How do I do it? What is the magig? Well – there is no magic. I’m using a combination of the Exim MTA and Spamassassing with […]

Microsoft is SCO’s silent partner in Linux Lawsuit

SCO’s war against Linux and the public domain is being funded by Microsoft who is using these bogus lawsuits to undermine an operating system that they can’t compete with. Lets look at some facts I gleaned off of an Article from Linux Universe From SCO’s quarterly 10-Q report: Revenue for products is down Revenue for […]

X-10 Lighting Controller Modification

This is a link on how to modify an X-10 wall switch to give you dimming control from the button. Why they don’t build it this way is a mystery. X-10 Modification link.

Computer Viruses Can be Stopped

Article I sent to my Newspaper List Computer Viruses can be stopped and it isn’t be very hard to do it. Most all computer viruses are spread as executable email attachments that the victim is tricked into opening and running. Often users of Microsoft Outlook don’t even have to run the attachment if they have […]

The Next Computer Virus could Kill the Internet

Letter to the Editor As bad as the current crop of this weeks computer viruses are – they are nothing compared to what might follow. The next generation of computer viruses that are likely to come soon as three weeks from now might actually take the Internet down and cause massive data losses on a […]

I write to the president of Microsoft

To: Steve Balmer Here’s an interesting solution to the blaster worm problem. An anti-virus virus. Every computer that is infected has the virus – and it still has the secutiry hole. You could write a virus of your own that took advavtage of this security hole to remove the virus and to patch the security […]

Another IBM Hard Drive Bites the Dust

IBM Deathstar Drive My roommate Rojean lost her hard drive yesterday. Every time I oull a dead hard drive out of a system it’s usually an IBM. The call it a “Deskstar” but I call the “Deathstar”. I had about 6 of them fail at EFF and I get replacements and they fail too. I […]

Hard Drive Space vs. Paper

I was just thinking today about how cheap hard drive space is compared to what it used to be. In 1981 a 5 megabyte Pertec drive cost about $9500 or almost $2000 per megabyte. I just bought a 200 gigabye (200,000 megabytes) yesterday for $129 (after rebate) at Fry’s. That’s .0645 cents per meg. A […]