The NEWS MEDIA is manipulating America

I think John Stewart got it right but it goes beyond what he said. The media isn’t reporting the news, It is creating the news. As Stewart said, they like to inflame people and they make money from an America that is fighting itself. But let’s look at it in more detail. The news media […]

I will publish recorded phone calls made my members of Congress

I, blogger Marc Perkel, founder of the Church of Reality, am extending an open offer to publish recorded phone calls of members of Congress. I’m especially interested in publishing the personal phone calls of members of Congress who voted for giving immunity to telecoms who were illegally spying on Americans. If they can spy on […]

Associated Press Bias against the Clintons

This has got to be the stupidest article I’ve ever read. The writer is Calvin Woodward, Associated Press Writer. I mean – there are of course Clinton haters. But the facts of this article are so wrong and so biased that it’s an insult to the intelligence of even a rabid right wing audience. Who […]

Six Years after 9/11 the top news story is …

… Britteny Spears is a fat slut. Why do we even care about Brittney Spears? What can’t we just let her live her life in peace?  This is why Bush is president because America is too stupid to know what’s important. Lucky we have the Internet to get the real news.

KSFO says Spocko is trying to shut them down?

Kind of interesting listing to right wing radio KSFO as the claim that the web site Spocko’s Brian is trying to shut them down and how they stand for free speech. But the reality is that I’m hosting Spocko’s Brian because lawyers for Disney, the owners of KSFO sent threatening letters and actually did shut […]

Spocko’s Brain Back Online

After the web site Spocko’s Brain was shut down last week because the hosting company 1an1 got threats from Disney lawyers. A number of people contacted me about hosting it. I’m not easily intimidated by lawyers so I did it. Spocko is now hosted at Computer Tyme Hosting and it’s here to stay. I hast […]

MsNBC Twisting poll numbers

Watching MsNBC runnin stories about how the Republicans are closing in. The first story showed only the Pew poll putting Republicans only 4 points behind. The second story showed 3 polls but all were the polls showing Republicans making a comeback. And the stories were about Republicans surging. CNN on the other hand showed all […]

Bin Laden is not Dead!

This story is as credilble as the guy who supposedly killed the Ramsey girl. Every network every 3 minutes and it’s a non story. The media are all idiots. Just sheep following the herd.

John Mark Karr – He didn’t do it – and he’s boring

I can’t believe that this guy is still in the news. The guy is a weirdo, but he didn’t do it. I think he wanted a free ride back to the USA because he’s probably in trouble in Bancock and this gets him out. Or – he’s just delusional. Even if he did it – […]

CNN / Fox News want World War 3

These so called news organizations sound like Christian Neocons praying for the end of the world. They are reporting news in a way as if World War 3 is inevitable. In their minds Hezbollah is already over hear waiting to attackj America. It’s an election year and they are trotting out the boggie man for […]

Is Truthout Scooping the Corporate Media?

Truthout Has an article saying that Rove Informs White House He Will Be Indicted . Yet I don’t see this in the corporate media. It makes me wonder how this story will play out. It Truthout blowing smoke or is this another corporate media coverup. Time will tell and we’ll se if Truthout is right. […]

CNN Covers up War Protest for Bush Administration

CNN is running stories about the war protest on the 3rd aniversary of the Bush occupation of Iraq. The ran a 30 second story mentioning only a few cities in other countries and nothing about any protest in America. So when hundreds of thousands of Americans gather to protest the occupation and CNN refuses to […]

Never pick a fight with …

They say, “Never pick a fight with someone who buys ink by the barrel.” A modern day versions of that would be never pick a fight with someone who buys data transfer by the terabyte. Someone like me. The terabyte is mighter than the ink barrel. So sayth the wise and powerful Perkel.

Peter Jennings – Good Riddance!

Here’s an exchange between President Clinton and Peter Jennings From November of 2004 at the opening of the Clinton presidential library. A little something I found amusing. JENNINGS (Discussing rankings by presidential historians]: They gave you a forty-first in terms of moral authority – after Nixon. CLINTON: They’re wrong about that. You know why they’re […]

Newsweek caught in a cover story lie

The cover says, “Martha’s Last Laugh – After Prision, She’s Thinner, Wealthier & Ready for Prime Time”. Newsweek is a magazine that we trust because they are after all – the mainstream legitimate news. So – one would be surprized to find out that Newsweek grafted Martha Stewart’s face on a model’s body. But that’s […]

Carter fears Florida vote trouble

You won’t see this story in the Republican controlled American press even though it’s a story about comments make by and American president about American elections. This article comes from the BBC. Former US president Jimmy Carter Carter has monitored more than 50 elections worldwide Voting arrangements in Florida do not meet “basic international requirements” […]