Donna Brazile confesses to cheating for Hillary

Letter to the Editor

DNC chief Donna Brazile’s confession that she fed Hillary debate information is troubling on so many levels. First she lied about it saying “As a Christian woman I understand persecution, but I will not sit here and be persecuted,” Ms. Brazile told Fox News. “Your information is false.” It’s not just that she lied, but that she invoked Christ as part of the lie, which makes her claim to be a “Christian woman” a lie too. Even as an Atheist I know that if you’re willing to lie in the name of Christ – you’re not really a believer. Thankfully CNN fired her for her ethical malfunction.

Then she goes on to justify the cheating by saying that she was an advocate for women and minorities. But what this really means is that she thinks women and blacks are inferior and that cheating is justified to make up the difference. That’s just so racist!

Now she’s blaming it all on the Russians hacking the DNC email server. But when the FBI showed up to investigate she denied them access to the evidence, concealing the possibility that the supposed hack might be an inside job. Ultimately Brazile, through helping Hillary cheat helped Trump win the presidency. So we are all stuck with the consequences of her dishonesty.

Trump to cancel insurance coverage for fetuses

Letter to the Editor

Under the newly proposed Trumpcare the Republicans are dropping the mandate that health insurers cover pregnancy. This leaves millions of fetuses without medical insurance.

Republicans have argued that life begins at conception and therefore fetuses are people. So under Republican rules fetuses should be counted as people who will lose insurance coverage under Trumpcare. I suppose under Republican philosophy, “If these fetuses want health coverage, maybe they should get a job!” Under Trumpcare Republicans will kill more unborn babies than from abortion. Republicans don’t care about the unborn. It’s just a political scam to con weak minded people into voting for them.

Who is spying on whom?

Letter to the Editor

Trump has accused Obama of spying on him. Although the accusation is personal, technically when Obama was president he was spying on everyone. So there is a little bit of truth there if you really stretch it.

But now – using the same reasoning – Trump is president and Obama is a private citizen. So now it’s Trump who is spying on Obama! Trump – bad (or Sick) guy! Terrible!

Lowering the bar for Trump

Letter to the Editor

When Trump was running for president he said a lot of really stupid things, and the news media let him get away with it because Trump is a clown, and no one seriously thought he was going to become president. But not he has.

What I see is the news media giving him a pass instead of expecting him to actually be the leader of the free world. Are we going to lower the bar for Trump? Is incompetence the new competence? Is stupid the new smart? Is failure the new success?

The future of America is on the line and watching Trump play president is like watching a 5 year old drive a car off a cliff, And we’re supposed to just sit here and pretend everything’s gonna be all right. Really?! Very sad!

Obama actually did wiretap Trump

Letter to the Editor

There is some truth to Trump’s story that Obama wiretapped him in that Obama wiretapped everyone, as Edward Snowden revealed. He also wiretapped Hillary, and you and me. He wiretapped our friends and he wiretapped our enemies. So even though Trump is making this story up, it happens to also be true.

Although now that Trump is president Trump wiretapping himself. Maybe Trump should put a stop to illegal warrantless wiretapping? That would be a big step to making America great again.

Time for a special prosecutor to investigate Russian connections

Letter to the Editor

There seems to be at going on between the Trump administration and the Russians. Today it was revealed the Attorney General Sessions lied to Congress under oath claiming he had no contact with the Russians during the campaign when he had. Back in 1998 the Republicans tried to impeach President Clinton for lying under oath about sex. Lying about meeting with Russian spies is a far more serious situation.

During the campaign Trump made public statements encouraging the Russians to hack Hillary Clinton’s emails to affect the outcome of the elections. Although many people ignored it at the time thinking Trump was too stupid to realize what he was saying, that doesn’t absolve him from encouraging people to break the law and collude with Communist spies. Now that he’s President we can no longer write off these statement as the rantings of a mad man. Trump has to take responsibility for his actions. It’s time that we appointed a special prosecutor who is independent to investigate White House officials who are lying under oath about their contacts and involvement with the Russians.

Trumps Speech

Letter to the Editor

For the first time Trump was able to look presidential and sound presidential. But looks and talk is cheap. So far Trump hasn’t acted presidential. His speech was inspirational just as those of presidents before him who promised things and never delivered. One thing he did get specific on was stopping the outrageous prices charged for medicines as the pharmaceutical companies rape people who are ill. Competitive drug pricing is the holy grail of health care reform. If Trump can keep that promise I will be impressed.

Trump Deserves Fake News

Letter to the Editor

There’s a lot of “news” out there and some of it is fake, but Trump deserves fake news. During the Obama Administration Trump was the source of fake news stating Obama was born in Kenya. We have yet to see Trump’s birth certificate showing he wasn’t born in the Soviet Union like his wife was. And we know that Trumps election was rigged because before the election he said it was rigged. And unless that was fake news we have to believe him.

Reality vs. Belief

Letter to the Editor

There are people, like President Trump, who seem to not believe in an absolute Reality that we all live in. Instead he is the type who thinks that if he says something and people believe it that makes it true. For example, Trump claims he got the biggest electoral college win since Reagan. And he thinks by just saying that and having people believe it that it somehow makes it true. Similarly he thinks his white house is “running like a well oiled machine”, which clearly isn’t the case.

Similarly the Bush administration was at war with the “Reality Based Community”, stating “”We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality.” But in the end Reality smacked the Bush administration down and we ended up with the great recession of 2008 and Bush is considered as the worse president ever.

Trump is just delusional in that he lacks the temperament and experience to be president. And he isn’t trying to learn anything, he thinks he can just proclaim and the universe will bend to his will. After just a month it’s clear that he’s a failure. In reality he’s like a 5 year old brat and he’s just so clueless that he’s a danger to the civilized world. We as a nation have turned our backs on Reality and we need to learn to live in harmony with Reality or the angry hand of Darwin shall surely strike us down.

America is out of control

Letter to the Editor

Right now America is in the worst shape it’s ever been in since the Civil War. We have a president who is clueless and out of control. America is like being in a car driven by a 7 year old brat who has never driven before while the parents are passed out drunk on the back seat. Trump has no clue how to run a country and isn’t showing any interest in learning. Trump is just plain crazy!

It’s bad enough to have a president who lies, but one that believes his own lies is even more dangerous. He really thinks that an election where he lost the popular vote is a landslide. He talks about invading Mexico. He tells the courts “I’ll see you in court”. Trump is at war with Reality – and when you go up against Reality – Reality always wins.

Snowden “Gift” story is fake news!

Letter to the Editor

Stories in the press say that Putin is going to give Snowden to Trump as a “gift”. It comes from “intelligence sources”, and it’s all fake news. Our intelligence community are not only liars, but they aren’t even good liars. And when you think things through it’s rather obvious.

Snowden was Obama’s obsession, not Trump. Why would Putin even think that Trump was interested in Snowden? I would think that Trump would rather have a bottle of Vodka or sexy Russian spy to sleep with than someone who exposed America’s illegal activities. It doesn’t make sense.

Our intelligence community is out of control. Instead of learning what’s going on in the world they just make stuff up. They are expressing their personal hatred of Snowden for exposing their illegal activities. Heads should roll in the intelligence community. Their behavior borders on treason.

Gorsuch is bad choice for Supreme Court

Letter to the Editor

Trump’s choice of Neil Gorsuch is a really bad decision and would be a terrible justice for those of us who believe in personal liberty and freedom. In my case I have terminal stage 4 lung cancer and because I live in California I have the ability to choose how and when I will die. My religion is the Church of Reality which supports my religious right to choose. “My life, my choice.”

The Reality is that everyone dies. Having a terminal diagnosis is like being at a bar at 2:00 am and the bar tender announces the bar is closing and it’s time to leave. “Natural death” is like not leaving the bar and waiting till the bouncer violently throws you out on the street. My choice will be to leave on my own terms at a time and method of my own choosing.

Neil Gorsuch would take that away. He would impose his own personal philosophy and is own Protestant values on my life and my choice forcing me to slowly die of suffocation as a gasp for air over days. He believes that the Government, not the individual, gets to make my final life choices. And that his personal religion should be enshrined into law and imposed on the rest of us, even though, quite frankly my Reality based religion is a better religion than his stupid religion.

Gorsuch view that his personal religious values should become the law of the land is not constitutional and is not consistent with the intent of the Founding Fathers. It is not conservative in that the government should not be imposing itself into the lives of private people making decisions about their own lives. So I would urge Congress to reject Gorsuch and replace him with someone who will keep Uncle Sam off my death bed.

Republicans break it, Republicans Own It

Letter to the Editor

For the last 8 years Republicans did everything they could to make sure Obama failed, even when they agreed with what he wanted. Now the Republicans control the government and they are in charge of making America great rather than making America miserable. And in the last 8 year we went from total economic collapse to doing reasonably well.

Now that Trump is tinkering with Obamacare it is now Trumpcare. If they screw it up it’s on them. And if the Dems won’t help them, that’s on them too. There is an opportunity for Trump to really improve Trumpcare if they remove the law that prohibits the government from negotiating lower drug prices with the big drug companies. But I down Trump is man enough to go after Big Pharma the way he goes after women and poor Mexicans. In my mind that will be the real test to see if he’s serious or just some big blowhard clown. But now if Republicans break it, Republicans own it.

How does Nancy Pelosi feel about NSA spying now?

Letter to the Editor

When Bush was president then Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was against NSA spying on Americans without a warrant. Then when Edward Snowden revealed that President Obama expanded NSA wiretapping of Americans she was for it, even though she was booed by Democrats at Netroots Nation.

Right before Obama left office he issues Executive Order 12333 greatly expanding NSA surveillance even more. But now that Trump is president I’d like someone to ask Pelosi how she feel about Trump having those expanded spying powers to tap our phones and emails? Is it sill OK or is she just for it when Democrats are in the White House?

Time for Dems to own their failure

Letter to the Editor

It’s one thing to lie, but it’s much worse if you start believing your own lies. That’s the problem of the Democratic Party these days. Trump didn’t get elected by the Russians and the whole Russian hacking story is 100% fiction. Democrats have to own it that they were so incompetent that they lost to a clown like Donald Trump.

Even as Trump is about to become president, the Democratic National Committee is lead by Donna Brazile who was fired from CNN for sneaking debate questions to Hillary so she could cheat against Sanders. Donna Brazille was also responsible for Al Gore losing to Bush in 2000. But Democrats don’t learn anything and keep doing the wrong thing over and over again.

We have real issues to be focusing on rather than the fake “Russian Hackers did it”. Obama just expanded the power of the government to spy on Americans just in time for Trump to use it against us and no one is paying attention to that. People are tired of Democrats being weak, stupid, and  incompetent to the point that just can’t stand it anymore. So it’s out of the pot and into the fire. Let the Apocalypse begin!

Obama in denial and acting like a child

Letter to the Editor

Democrats have this amazing ability that whenever Republicans do something stupid Democrats prove they can be even dumber. Case in point is Obama’s election denial insisting that Trump was elected by Russian hackers and expelling their diplomats. With the Republicans electing the big man baby Obama will not be outdone and acts more like a baby than Trump is.

What’s so ridiculous is that Snowden revealed that Obama hacked the entire planet spying on everyone, friend, foe, citizens, and non-citizens alike. America’s history includes assassination  of foreign leaders and the installation of puppet dictators around the world. So we have no moral high ground to decry anyone hacking us even if it did occur. If the Russians were truly hacking the election Obama should have done something about it before election day, but he chose not to. Besides, Julian Assange, who actually knows where the leak came from says it’s not Russian, and I believe him.

Obama is the second worst president after Bush that America has ever had. Now he’s just a disaster who is shredding what little dignity he has left in a final tantrum against the Russians who he failed to get along with. As we move to our third incompetent president in a row I would at least want to see the last president who I voted for twice go out with a little dignity.

Wikileaks and the Election

Letter to the Editor

I listened to Obama’s press conference where he accused the Russians of getting Trump elected by hacking email systems and giving the information to Wikileaks. But one thing no one has said is that the information leaked wasn’t true. So the real issue is whether or not the public should have access to the truth and Obama’s position is clearly NO. If Obama hadn’t been persecuting Julian Assange, and Edward Snowden and torturing Chelsea Manning in prison, maybe the leaks might have not been one sided. Obama has been at war with those who would expose the truth and we all know it, and if anyone is responsible for Trump getting elected Obama himself would carry more blame for that than Putin.

I guess no one told Trump that President is full time job?

Letter to the Editor

I read with both amusement and horror that The Donald is going to continue to run his businesses and TV shows like “Celebrity Apprentice” while he is president. And Trump is disinterested in to get his daily national security briefings. I guess no one told Donald Trump that being President of the United States is a full time job?

Little Donald cries about election recount

Letter to the Editor

I think it’s amazing that our man baby president elect is complaining about a recount in an election where he lost the popular vote by 2 million. After all, he’s the one who was saying that the election was rigged, and I believe him. But it was rigged in his favor.

I have decided I’m not accepting the election result that Trump won. Trump said before the election that he wouldn’t accept the result if Hillary won and he never accepted that Obama won claiming that Obama wasn’t born in America. Trump was helped by Russian hackers and our new first lady will be America’s first Soviet born Communist raised first lady. So the results of the election are meaningless to me. I intend to give Trump all the respect he gave Obama.

I have a hard time believing that women voted for a pu**y grabbing playboy, that Christians voted for someone who referred to his daughter as a “piece of ass”. There comes a point where it’s just too weird to believe and so I don’t. Trump is a dunce and a clown and he’s incompetent. America is in deep deep trouble regardless of what you believe.

Democrats should help Trump be Successful

Letter to the Editor

Like many people I voted for Hillary just to wake up in an alternate universe where Trump is president. Now what do we do? Since we are stuck with Trump and he has no experience we are by definition in trouble. But putting aside the shear shock of what’s happened we have to come together for the sake of keeping civilization from crashing.

I would like to see – for example – experienced Democrats, maybe even a Clinton, reach out to Trump and become part of his cabinet. Trump isn’t really a Republican and I understand most of what he said was just to get elected. But now it is time to govern and we can’t afford to be dysfunctional, even though it would be justified to do to Trump what Republicans did to Obama. We have to try to find opportunity in tragedy and bring some sort of sanity back into the process.

Think before you Vote!

Letter to the Editor

Tuesday is election day and it’s very important to vote because when you wake up in the morning on Nov. 9th do you want to be freaked out that either Trump or Clinton will become president and you didn’t vote? Especially in this election – who do you want to be stuck with for the next 4 years? We have an opportunity to vote for the person we want the most or, in this election, the person who disgusts us the least. And it’s good to think things through to avoid regret. Vote Nov. 8th because on Nov. 9th we are all going to be stuck with the consequences of our decision.

Does experience matter for a President?

Letter to the Editor

There’s a question about this election that no one seems to be asking. Can someone like Trump who has never held public office become the most powerful person on the planet and not crash civilization? Is being president something that just anyone off the street can do?

If you were getting an operation would you trust your life to someone who has never been in an operating room? Would you take your car to a mechanic who has never worked on a car before? So why would we trust the fate of America to an ill tempered man baby who’s only government experience is finding novel ways to avoid paying his taxes? Granted Hillary has her problems. But she isn’t a noob.

Dying Atheist vs. Pascal’s Wager – Reality or Jesus?

I’m Marc Perkel, founder of the Church of Reality – a religion based on believing what is actually objectively real. On August 1 2016 I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Adneocarsonoma of the lung. this is a fatal diagnosis and if you just Google that the answer is – I have 8 months to live average, and that was 3 months ago. My sense is that I have more time than that but it is unlikely I’ll be here 2 years from now. And my sense could be completely wrong and I could drop dead from side effects of the treatment tomorrow.

So – Christian friends and Atheist friends are asking the question, will I cave in at the last minute and turn Christian, accept Jesus, in a last ditch effort to get into Heaven. And the answer to that is – Hell NO!

I’m publishing this because Christians often claim falsely that dying Atheists turned to Jesus when they haven’t and I want to make the record clear while I’m still here that’s not going to happen, and I want both Theists and Atheists to understand why. If anyone says that I accepted Jesus – they are lying. I just want to make this clear up front because I know they are going to take what I wrote out of context and lie about it. And anyone who lies about it can’t possibly believe in the god they claim to believe in.

Read More…

Donating money to Billionaires – are you kidding me?

Letter to the Editor

I suppose the reason Trump is a billionaire is that he has ordinary people sending him money for his campaign. Trump claims he’s worth 10 billion dollars so he has plenty of money to fund it himself without asking poor people to donate. Trump has loaned – not donated – several million dollars and if he really thought he was going to win he would put the money in himself. But by loaning his campaign money he can use your donations to repay the loan to himself. Trump is actually making a profit running for president and his candidacy is just one big scam. Think about it – a billionaire wants you to give him money – doesn’t that just seem a little odd? If Trump isn’t going to put his money in then why should we? Unbelievable!

Clinton or Trump on the economy?

Letter to the Editor

Who is more likely to fix the economy if elected president, Trump or Clinton? Last time the Clintons were in the White House we had a government surplus and we were paying down the national debt. Trump has never held public office and he’s been bankrupt 6 times.  6 times! Unbelievable! I tend to vote for people who don’t go bankrupt. Believe me, who wants to elect a weak nasty loser?

I won’t accept election results if Trump wins

Letter to the Editor

Trump says he won’t accept the election results unless he wins the election. Well, 2 can play that game. I won’t accept the election results if Trump wins. And if Trump wins, there’s plenty of room to support the claim that the election was rigged in Trump’s favor.

It is well known that Russian president Putin has been hacking into electronic voting systems and has broken the election security of 20 states. And the Russians are working with Wikileaks to hack into the Democratic party emails. Trump, according to reports owes some 250 million to Russian oligarchs and Chinese banks. These loans would show up if Trump released his tax returns. And Trumps wife was born in the Soviet Union which makes some people wonder if she’s a Russian KGB agent.

It is also had to conceive the Trump can win the election when he talks about hitting on married women and grabbing then by the pu$$y. Are we to believe that women and evangelical voters are going to support him? I don’t think so. Trump has never even so much as been elected as dog catcher and his first job in politics is going to be leader of the free world? Unbelievable! And what does not accepting election results mean? Is he going to advocate violent revolution?

There’s no way possible where someone like Trump can be legitimately elected. So if Trump is only going to accept the election results if he wins, I’m only going to accept the election results if he loses.

Trump claims rigged election?

Letter to the Editor

I find it amazing the Trump thinks the election is rigged against him. It’s laughable to hear any Republican claiming the election is rigged. I’m old enough to remember 2000 when the Supreme Court threw out the vote of the people and elected Bush 5 to 4. Trump is already making excuses for what might be a landslide election.

Perhaps the are other reasons Trump is loosing in the polls. Maybe people don’t trust that someone with no elected experience at all should start out being president? Maybe people don’t want someone who obsesses over petty fights? While Trump accuses Obama of being born in Kenya, is latest wife was born and raised in the Soviet Union. She’ll be the first Communist in the White House.

Perhaps some people might not want a president who calls his own daughter “a piece of ass”? Maybe voters don’t want a president who disrespects woman and talks about grabbing women’s genitals as locker room talk. They might not want a president who doesn’t pay income taxes every year. While others in his generation were fighting in Vietnam, Trump called avoiding sexual diseases as his “personal Vietnam”. Trumps talks casually about using nuclear weapons. Trump advocates for torture which puts our soldier’s in danger of being tortured. He thinks he’s going to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it. Maybe the voters don’t want to elect someone who has gone bankrupt several times?

I think it’s time for The Donald to take responsibility for us actions and stop being a crybaby before the election. If there’s anyone rigging the election it’s the Russians rigging it in Trumps favor because Putin would rather have an American leader who is weak and stupid.

Trump says, we should take a drug test

Letter to the Editor

Donald Trump says, “We should take a drug test prior to the debate” saying that he thinks Hillary was on drugs. That’s kind of an interesting idea because a drug test would be something the voters would be interested in. There is a lot of speculation that Trump’s sniffles during the last 2 debates were from cocaine use and this would be a great opportunity for Trump to end that speculation. So I think Hillary and Donald should say both say yes to getting drug tested. I would invite Hillary to take the Donald up on his offer.

Cruz sticking with Trump – why?

Letter to the Editor

I’m somewhat surprised that Ted Cruz is sticking with Trump after all the horrible stuff that Trump did to Ted Cruz personally. Trump accused Ted Cruz father of being a conspirator in the assassination of President Kennedy and attacked his wife as being too ugly to be first lady.  Ted Cruz is supposedly a Christian and yet he doesn’t have a problem with Trump going after married women while his pregnant wife sits at home, or talking about grabbing women by the crotch because he’s a “star” and he can get away with it. If this is what they call “Christian Values” all I can say is “Thank God I’m an Atheist!”

Trump isn’t insane. We are!

Letter to the Editor

People criticize Donald Trump for calling women “Ms. Piggy” and that they might be bleeding out of their whatever. They think Trumps a clown for believing Obama faked his own birth certificate or that Ted Cruz’s farther was a conspirator in the Kennedy Assassination. We think he’s nuts that he thinks he’s going to build a giant wall and Mexico is going to pay for it. And you asks yourself how crazy is it going to get?

But you know what’s even crazier than all that? It’s us! We are crazier than Trump because we are actually contemplating electing him president. He may be totally nuts, but what does that say about the rest of us? What does it say about who we are as Americans?