January 21, 2004

Bush Serves Troops Fake Turkey

Bush Serves Plastic Turkey to Troops in Fake War

As if this would surprize anyone - the turkey Bush served the troops for Thanksgiving is FAKE! Everything about Bush is fake. What you're looking at is Bush serving the troops a PLASTIC turkey. But - its consistent. A fake turkey for a fake war served buy a fake president.

We live in a fake democracy with fake freedom. This is an example of what the Bush government is trying to feed us.

The picture is from the FAKE NEWS MEDIA who is trying to get us to believe the fake news. And if you believe any of what Bush is saying then you'll probably believe in the fake economic recovery and we're going to send a man to Mars!

Posted by marc at January 21, 2004 10:36 AM | TrackBack

bad spelling does not make you dangerous.

Posted by: maya at February 9, 2004 08:12 PM

Marc, "I am a plastic turkey? Perkel, Well I don't know just how dangerous you are, but you sure are wrong. Far as I know, no journslists who were actually there reported any plastic turkey. Some jerk columnist in the U.S. decided it was and said so. Then that was passed around as an 'urban myth' and took on a life of its own. The catering contract staff at Baghdad Airport said it was a real turkey, glazed to glisten, surrounded by fruit and the like. A center piece, common in military (and other) food sevice establishments at holiday. Sure, Many food establishments buy clever food copies. Wouldn't care if this had been that! (But the staff later ATE this one.)
But it wasn't fake! Nonetheless, dozens of reporters/columnists/hacks have repeated this HOAX. Now if you're forebrain impaired I have a beginner's brain surgery kit that I could send to you.

Posted by: gerry at February 9, 2004 08:48 PM

Good lord, "most dangerous mind on the internet", what a juvenile wanker.

Maybe it's his ability to use the CAPS LOCK key to blast out SEARING INDICTMENTS of the WAR-MONGERING BUSH CARTEL that makes him so DANGEROUS. I hope he dosn't start using MULTIPLE EXCLAMAITION POINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Posted by: Amos at February 9, 2004 11:28 PM

Holy Jumping Buddha statues on a pogo stick, wtf?

"Most dangerous mind on the internet" -- that's quite the claim, coming from such a feeble minded simpleton who likes to rehash long disproven bullcrap. The original article in the washington post never said plastic turkey. Why don't you go do the honorable thing and drink a gallon of bleach.

"Fake war" ? guess what, real people are really dieing. You have no sympathy at all. suck it.

Posted by: d00d at February 10, 2004 09:20 AM

I suspect he's a even fake Texan. Does anyone have video of GW talking before he decided to adopt a drawl? His parents and brother speak fairly standard English.

He didn't grow up in Texas (and may not have lived there till he decided to get back at Gov. Ann Richards for criticizing his fther). The Bush family claimed Texas as their State of residence, though they only owned rental property there when GHW was president. Many suspected Texas was convenient for them because there were no income taxes.

GW didn't even spend much time in Texas while serving in the Texas Air National Guard--also more for the convenience of avoiding service in Vietnam than for the opportunity to serve the USA.

GW made political advantage of Al Gore growing up in a hotel in DC, but their family home remained in Tennessee. The Bushes (GW's Dad was also a senator, right?) settled down and had a home in the DC area.

Posted by: Connie at September 7, 2004 05:25 AM
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