October 15, 2004

Will Bush bring back the Draft?

People are asking the question - will Bush bring back the draft? Well - you can take Bush's word for it that he won''t - and if you just believe everything Bush tells you - then you can stop reading now.

But - for those of you who are still wondering - let's reason this out.

  1. The problem is bad and it's getting worse. There isn't enough people and they are going to need to get more people in there - somehow.

  2. Most of the people in there now signed up for the National Guard - never thinking that they were part of the real military and would be sent to war unless it was an extreme emergency.

  3. The people serving now want out. When they try to get out they can't because Bush is using a back door draft to keep them from quitting. But Bush can't do that forever. Eventually those who want out will get out.

  4. People who would have joined the guard are less likely to do so. First - they know they are going to Iraq and it's not just an every other weekend thing. And - they know the war is a fraud - the president is a moron - Iraq is a mistake - and who wants to fight and die for no reason at all?

  5. Bush's honesty is questionable. He lied to start the war. He stole the election. Bush will tell you anything. So a statement that there will be no draft means absolutely nothing at all.

  6. So - taking all the above into consideration - a war that sucks - needing more troops - less interest - people there wanting to get out - Bush is a lying moron - do you think there's going to be a draft?

Vote for Kerry - or die for oil!

Posted by marc at October 15, 2004 05:17 PM | TrackBack

Absolutely they will re-instate the draft when they can't use their Stp-Loss clause anymore.

Today it was reported that l7 soldiers in Iraq refused to do their usual fuel run because it was too dangerous! Military superiors had to find other soldiers to do the run. Is this the beginning of a mutiny of sorts? Perhaps just a little inkling of dissent from the ranks? The soldiers reported that their convoy was not armed to protect them. So what else is new? Now we hear that our troops don't have appropriate protection with their convoys?? What's up with this war anyway other than the fact that it is falacious to begin with? How long can Bush and cronies keep up this insidious facade?

Posted by: Hope at October 15, 2004 05:57 PM

Last night was the debate between the Republican and Democratic nominees for Florida Senator. One of the questions asked of both candidates was "Would you vote to reinstate the draft?" Get this.. The Republican candidate said NO and the Democrat said YES!!

So we're screwed, no matter what we do. There's going to be another draft. More of America's sons will get killed, be taken prisoner, beheaded and dumped in an alley. My god, I'm sick of it.

Posted by: Karel at October 19, 2004 02:49 PM

If you go to the selective service website you can read for yourself how they are bringing levels of operation for diffrent things within the selective service up to 90%...something is up with that...

Posted by: minervajones at October 21, 2004 06:26 PM
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